Hardworking Gentlemen Natural Men's Grooming

Welcome to the first HWG blog. We're excited to introduce a place where we will tell the stories of true Hardworking Gentlemen that inspire us. 

Today, we are excited to release something we've been working on for some time. Towards the end of 2019 we took a hard look at our brand and where we were spending our time, money, and energy and assessed whether or not we were reaching both our goals and our customers' needs. The result was a near complete shut down and restart to our business. We've had months of delays helped in no small part by a global pandemic and the resulting complete halt to both our supply chain and distribution channels, but here we are. 

Nothing about starting something over again is easy, but man is it worth it. When we started this company in 2017, it was under a different name and we were excited about what was to come. We started strong, but only a few months after launching we were sued over our trademark and had to liquidate our entire inventory. Not the smoothest start, but we saw an opportunity to examine who we are and why we're doing this.

Our mantra has always been to produce natural daily essential goods for hardworking gentlemen, so we pivoted and rebranded as Hardworking Gentlemen. We're not the most creative thinkers here (but we do our best) and Hardworking Gentlemen was born.

Internally we are constantly discussing who we are, who our customers are, and why we are doing any of this in the first place. The answer for us has always been to produce premium natural products in sustainable packaging for guys like us, and to do it in an honest and authentic way. Products where you can be comfortable knowing the ingredients are always natural and healthy, the packaging is eco-friendly and responsible, and the brand is made up of normal guys like you just wanting to do their part.

So without further ado, here we are. Welcome, to the new Hardworking Gentlemen.

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