Natural Deodorant that works

“Natural Deodorant” has become a bit of a buzzword as of late, but a lot of companies are less than honest with what they mean by it. We wanted to take a minute or two and talk about the importance of “Natural” and what it really means to us, along with letting you know what you can expect from HWG and all of our products.

Let’s start off with the word “natural”. At first it sounds great, but upon closer inspection it can be used in misleading ways. We want to think that if a product says “natural”, that it will be good for us, but the FDA doesn’t have any defined standards for ingredients or labeling when using the word natural in cosmetics. What this means is that brands will include skin irritating, non-natural ingredients like Baking Soda in their deodorant and still claim to be a natural product that is good for you. That doesn’t fly with us, and we think you deserve honest products that mean what they say.

Our commitment to natural products is all the way through, using only naturally derived ingredients and plant based active ingredients to help soothe and heal skin. It’s why we use Aloe Vera, Radish Root, and Vitamin E in our Natural Pinewood Deodorant to keep your underarms at their best health. It’s also why every single one of our products are exclusively made with natural ingredients, and why every product we make also has key active ingredients to promote your skin health. You can read more about all of these on our Ingredients page, here

Using these powerful active ingredients is a key part of our mission to give you all natural products that flat out perform. This pursuit is what drove us to develop our Natural Pinewood Deodorant so that you can leave harmful drug store deodorants and their side effects behind. No more Aluminum unnaturally clogging your pores, no more Baking Soda irritating and overly drying your skin, and no more Parabens and cheap chemicals fighting against your skin and affecting it’s health. It’s time for a premium grown up scent and all day effective odor control, natural ingredients that help soothe and heal your skin, and a natural deodorant that you know is fighting for your health, not against it.

We hope you enjoy and give it a try. 



Natural Pinewood Deodorant that works

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